We treat pedigrees and non-pedigrees alike. This 9-year-old beach dog has foreign and local carers who brought him to us to treat the chronic skin conditions and mange he had suffered all his life. Within 6 weeks, the conditions were under control and his hair had started to grow back. With monitoring and occasional visits to us for trimming, medicinal baths and check-ups he continues to remain healthy and live a much more comfortable and happier life on the beach. We aim to keep all pets happy and healthy.

Our customers are the reason we’re in business. Here are some of the things they’ve said about us:

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“Tailwaggerz clinic based in Panjim & Margao, serving our best friends and many of Goa’s pets, right from north to south Goa. With an up to date clicnic carrying out some of the most challeging and complex surgeries, where practising medicine is redifined to an “art” where the vets Dr. Rashmi & Dr. Kiran are the artists. Both of then at the helm and thier wonderful team makes Tailwaggerz the way it is!!!” – Carlton Carvalho, January 2016, 5-star review

“Being an animal lover myself and one who would respond to a cry of distress at any time of the day/night; it was only with the greatest feeling of relief and gratitude that I accepted Dr. Kiran’s offer to assist my ever growing need for medical attention to be imparted on my increasing population of Strays and rescues!
To witness a team of doctors with:

  1. updated knowledge
  2. on the dot diagnosis
  3. visibly-effective medical treatment
  4. 24-hour on call
  5. a passion towards animals that hasn’t been tainted by years of constant practice
  6. detail and precision
  7. constant flow of new ideas, suggestions and solutions
  8. a desire to educate those who are not veterinary trained
  9. a patience to spend time explaining their diagnosis which keeps you well informed and comfortable with the information received
  10. a smile no matter what, that lightens the worst of your days, when your four-legged one has torn your heart apart with its medical deterioration
  11. enthusiasm, zest for learning, energy, wit and intelligence
  12. and most of all the equality of practice, care, determination to save any animal, be it a pure bred or a stray

When you’re down and troubled with nowhere to go with your delicately sick lil one….
Who you gonna call???? TAILWAGGERZ!!!!! 😉
THANK YOU RASHMI, KIRAN AND TEAM WAG FOR JUST BEING YOU!!” – Ruth Walsh, January 2016, 5-star review

“I found them when I needed help and really I didn’t know anyone. No one could hope for a better welcome for me and the cat I carried into their care. I know that this is a hard job, but all of them are fantastic and devoted to their work. Thanks for all.” – Carlo Tollo, September 2015, 5-star review

“State-of-the-art Pet Clinic…passionate vets… and a dedicated team!!
A Superb Combination!!!” – Ashish Mahajan, September 2015, 5-star review

“Having a pet is like having a baby. And trusting a doctor with your baby is handing over your life in his hands. Dr Kiran is a doctor who treats his profession with passion, something I am yet to see in others. For him time doesn’t matter, may it be past midnight and he is standing by you and your pets, side going through the pain with you. An amazing human being. He never gives up on u and ur pet. Always showing the positive side. To add to the strength is his beautiful wife dr. Rashmi always smiling and comforting. And not to forget the wonderful team of tailwaggerz. Who have be so gd to us and r baby and have give us a comfortable journey through this bad time of ours. We thank each one of u guys.” – Mana Pauskar, September 2015, 5-star review

“I wish i could speak a better english to tell everybody my story…..but i am gonna try anyway. i was on Holiday in Panjim and i needed urgent help for a stray cat i found in agony on the steps of the fish-market. it was late at night and, with the help of the manager of my hotel, we started calling some vets…..but it was late…and nobody wanted to move back to their clinic from their houses. nobody but doctor Kiran, who was happy to help, ready to receive my cat (whose name is Jinjin) in his clinic and to cure him.
the cat was very bad, dehydrated, with kidney problems, something in his stomach to be removed, problems in breathing and infections. he could not stand on his legs….i thought it was too late to save him.
but doctror Kiran had faith…..he was so determined in curing Jinjin that he was much better in a few days.
the road to a complete recovery is still long…..problems and infections keep popping up day by day….but doctor Kiran is taking care of my Jinjin at the best.
doctor Kiran not only took care of my cat….he took care of us as well!! we were in a foreign country and he helped us with all the difficulties we found to change our holiday-plans and to stay close to Jinjin.
i decided to adopt Jinjin….to take him to Italy. and doctor Kiran knows everything about the complicated procedure needed to take an indian cat to italy, and he is gonna do everything to send the cat to us, since we had to go back home and can’t look after all the steps required for vaxins and certification and all the stuff required for a regular adoption.
so….i know i was very lucky in finding doctor Kiran, whom i consider the best vet in India. i will Always be grateful to him for all he did and keep doing for Jinjin and for me. he is really special….he does his job with passion.
he keeps me updated EVERY DAY about the conditions of Jinjin. there are no words to reward all this passion and dedition to work.” – Valeria Pelosi, September 2015, 5-star review

“Tailwaggerz Pet Clinic……A team of amazing veterinarians and equally animal friendly staff, coupled with latest technology and up to date instrumentation makes it a No 1 Pet Clinic of Goa.
I love the commitment which Dr Kiran & Dr Rashmi have towards their clients. I wish them all the very best in life. God Bless.” – Mani Kanta, September 2015, 5-star review

I first found Tailwaggerz Vets on 26 June 2015 when our Bogley Cat “crashed” due to kidney failure, although at the time we didn’t know what was wrong.
Over the following days, Tailwaggerz Vets diagnosed her condition and nursed her back to sufficient health to return home to us. They also trained my husband and I in the follow-up treatment which we had opted to give to Bogley ourselves at home – subcutaneous drips every 2 days for 2 weeks, plus diuretic injections – and gave us all the equipment we needed plus phone support.
When we collected Bogley Cat, I showed Dr Kiran Kumar photos of a dog I had found on the beach on the 27 June, only the day after we had admitted Bogley.
The dog was Tipu Dog, a homeless and starving German Shepherd whose nose had been bitten off by a leopard two years before. As a result, Tipu Dog was not able to breathe or smell through his nose at all. I had briefly met Tipu Dog six months before, so vaguely knew of him and his story, but never imagined we were going to get so involved with him.
Dr Kiran said that something indeed could be done to give Tipu new nostrils and allow him to breathe and smell through his nose again.
In the days after bringing Bogley back to Tailwaggerz Vets for her follow-up blood-test – which showed she had made a remarkable recovery – we brought Tipu to see Dr Kiran for an assessment and, from that moment on, plans for Tipu’s operation went into full swing.
In the meantime my friend asked me if I could also bring her senior dog, Charlie Brownie, to see Dr Kiran as Charlie suffers from annual outbreaks of bad mange and constantly itchy skin. So Charlie was admitted for three days during which he was trimmed, medicinally bathed, had blood tests, skin scrapes, antibiotics and an all-over checkup.
He returned home looking very smart, in wonderfully bright form and with a follow-up treatment schedule involving hypoallergenic food, vitamin supplements, weekly medicinal baths and a course of pills that should see him staying much more comfortable in his skin in future. He will return to Tailwaggerz Vets in November for a follow-up visit and to get some dental work done.
On the day we collected Charlie, Tipu was admitted to Tailwaggerz Vets for his operation. That was on 20th August.
To cut a long story short, two days later Tipu had his operation which has been a complete success. The same day as his operation, Tipu took his first breath through his nose in over two years.
Tailwaggerz Vets – Dr Kiran Kumar and Dr Rashmi Bhaskaran (Dr Rashmi Rao) – even flew in an orthopedic/soft-tissue specialist surgeon, Dr Milind Hatekar, from Pune, and all three surgeons carried out the operation together.
Tipu Dog is still in post-op treatment for dressing-changes but is very happy whenever he has to stay at Tailwaggerz Vets, and is much-loved by all the staff there. In these last few weeks we also brought to Tailwaggerz Vets a 6-week old puppy for vaccinations and worming and diagnosis of a mild skin problem; a 6-month old cat, Solar Kitten, for spaying; and a critically-ill rescue dog, Scooter, who we had just found. Scooter was incredibly emaciated – a walking skeleton – had three open and infected wounds, could hardly stand by himself and had uncontrollable diarrhea. I honestly didn’t think Scooter could survive.
In fact, my main reason for bringing Scooter to Tailwaggerz was to ask whether we should euthanise him because he was in a lot of distress and I needed someone to help me make the decision.
However, Dr Kiran said that Scooter could recover and get well, so we decided to give Scooter a few more day’s chance to see which way things went.
Well… 7 hours after being admitted and treated Scooter was up and about, walking, eating, wagging his tail and interacting with other dogs. He is now putting on 200-250g weight a day and has a perfect blood report. Another remarkable recovery.
Anyway, after all that I cannot think of anyone better than Tailwaggerz to choose as your animal’s vet. From routine vaccinations and sterilisation, to crises such as kidney failure or major infection/wound/emaciation, to common chronic conditions such as mange, to novel life-changing operations such as Tipu’s nose – I have presented all these to Tailwaggerz Vets in the course of just two months, and they have proved themselves every time.” – Josephine Hughes, August 2015, 5-star review

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