Pet Services

Our pet services help you care for your pet, even while you are away, unable to transport them yourself or need to export them to a new home in another country:

  • Pet Grooming – yes, we even have a Pet Spa! We offer bathing, brushing, trimming, coat conditioning, nail clipping, moisturising massages, exotic hair styling, grooming products, teeth cleaning and medicated treatments (including skin care and tick and flea control)

    Pet accessories in Goa
    Our client pet owners come from all over the world. They include locals and foreigners – anyone who lives in or spends time in Goa and needs veterinary or pet care while here. We speak English, Hindi and Konkani at our clinics.
  • Pet Kennelling (including any medical treatment necessary during the kennelling period)
  • Pet Taxi / Transport Service – pick-up and drop-off to your home, and/or between the kennels and the veterinary clinic
  • Residential Pet Medical Treatment – for the times you are unable to – or not confident about – providing ongoing treatment for your pet at home, we will kennel your pet and ensure they get the treatment they need until they are ready to return home to you
  • Pet Export – we are experienced in exporting cats and dogsĀ from India to countries abroad. We can advise you on the process, support you on the way, and arrange any kennelling, blood tests and airline-approved transport crates necessary to make this possible. All you need to do is book the flight!