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If they can do it… and you can do it… we can do it. We’ll do our utmost for you and your pet.

We speak English, Hindi and Konkani! 

Tailwaggerz Pet Clinic Panjim:
2,3,4 Baretto Apts, Near Kamat Villas, Caranzalem, 403002.
Tel: 08322464646 / 08322464648
(location map below)

Tailwaggerz Pet Clinic Margao:
4 Hemusha Chambers, opposite New Era High School, Malbhat, 403601
Tel: 08322703535 / 08326483648
(location map below)

Dr Kiran Kumar can be contacted directly on:
Tel: +91 9822159090
WhatsApp: add tel +91 9822159090 to your WhatsApp contacts.

Dr Rashmi Rao can be contacted directly on:
Tel: +91 9890152116
WhatsApp: add tel +91 9890152116 to your WhatsApp contacts

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Location of our Panjim Pet Clinic:

Location of our Margao Pet Clinic: