Pet Clinics

We care about your pet just as much as you. We want your pets to be happy and healthy, and for you to be happy with the care they receive. We invest in our own clinics and staff training on an ongoing basis, so you and your pets can benefit from the latest skills, knowledge and equipment available in the veterinary world.

We offer you and your pet:

Daily check-ups for two dogs at our Margao Pet Clinic
Little and Large – daily check-up time for two post-op dogs! The puppy had been run over by a car, and had massive internal injuries. We operated on her, saving her life. The large dog had his nose bitten off by a leopard and wasn’t able to breathe or smell through his nose for two years. He was rescued from the beach and brought to us. During a major surgery, involving three surgeons, we made new holes in his nose and put plastic tubes in, enabling him to breathe and smell properly again – and greatly improving his happiness, quality of life, and heart and lung health. We continue to provide check-ups and ongoing treatment for him as required.
  • State of the art pet clinics in North and South Goa (Panjim and Margao)
  • Major and minor surgeries
  • Wheelchairs for paralysed/injured dogs and cats
  • Rehab for injured / post-operative pets
  • Blood tests
  • Xrays, Scans
  • Fully-equipped operation theatres
  • Vaccinations, rabies injections
  • Eye and dental care
  • Health care products
  • Experienced and caring veterinary staff and assistants
State-of-the-art surgery for your pet.
Expert analysis of your pet’s condition – from xrays to scans to ultrasounds to blood tests and general observation.
Major and minor surgery available.
One of our cat sterilisation patients. Every pet is different and has different needs. This cat stayed with us for two weeks following sterilisation as she was determined to pull out her stitches so she needed a lot of attention and checks. She even made friends with our rescue Whitey cat, and the two caused general mayhem while playing in the clinic. Her sister was spayed (sterilised) shortly after, and was able to return home the next day: different animals, different owners, different needs. We are used to them all and happy to accommodate everyone.
One of our cat patients, following life-saving emergency treatment in our Margao clinic for kidney failure. In this photo she is receiving follow-up treatment at home. Some owners are happy to continue follow-up treatments (such as doing dressing-changes or giving antibiotic pills), at home. Others are less confident and would prefer us to do it for them at our clinic. Whether you want to leave your animal with us until treatment is complete, or take them home and give follow-up treatment at home, or bring them to visit us every day (or as often as necessary)  for treatment, it’s up to you. We will advise you on the best course of treatment and way forwards to ensure the health and safety of your pet – both mental and physical – and the most suitable environment in which treatment should be given.